Are VARs and MSPs the New Dinosaurs? Part 3: 10 Things to Look for When Choosing an Oracle Cloud Provider

In the previous articles in this three-part series on the importance of cloud innovation for modern businesses, you learned all about how consumers drove the trend toward cloud and why most VARs and MSPs struggle to keep up with the pace of business today (part 1). You also found out why innovation is critical to your business success at every stage and discovered why today’s most innovative tech providers are your best bet for ongoing success (part 2).

In this article, part three and the last of the series, you’ll have the opportunity to wrap up your learning with a quick cheat sheet you can use to quickly identify today’s most innovative providers, so you can confidently select the best one for your needs.

When you’re assessing tech providers for your new cloud solution, whether it be IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, ensure that you look for:

     10. Proactive Advice

Knowledgeable professionals will consider it their duty to keep up on the latest Oracle Cloud updates, and they’ll consider it only natural to offer you proactive advice about tech recommendations that fit your evolving needs and goals.

     9. Commitment to Timelines

Only rookies make the mistake of overcommitting. An experienced cloud provider will innately understand what is (and is not) possible for your timelines. When your deadline is set, they’ll have the know-how to ensure your go-live happens on time.

     8.  Business Understanding

In the role of trusted tech advisor, an innovative Oracle Cloud provider should have both IT skills and business skills, so they can understand and deliver on your overall business objectives in a way that makes sense to your IT department.

     7.  Continuous Improvement

As professionals and constant learners, the best tech providers will be able to boast of a wide range of certifications and awards for their Oracle Cloud implementations, and they’ll usually be able to show they have the best talent in the industry on their team.

     6. Integrated Service Model

End-to-end services, from consulting to implementation to maintenance and managed services, demonstrate that a tech provider understands the complexities inherent in every stage of the cloud process. This in-depth knowledge leads to better problem solving.

     5. Knowledge of Emerging Tech

Keeping up with cloud capabilities is one thing, but true innovators also keep their eye out for new, emerging technologies – and then make sure to certify and train on those technologies so they have more knowledge that will help them be better advisors.

     4. In-House Capabilities

There’s a lot to the tech landscape these days and the most innovative providers will understand that they can only offer the best product and services if they hire and retain in-house talent for everything, even new development and configuration.

     3. Digital Differentiators

Effective Oracle Cloud migrations must ensure accuracy along with speed. Top providers in this sphere focus on increasing their accuracy while stepping up the pace by creating proprietary automation tools, such as AI, robots, and accelerators.

     2. Leadership

True leadership takes creativity, the willingness to assert one’s highly informed opinions, and high levels of well-deserved confidence. All this comes from one key factor…

…The #1 Skill: In-Depth Knowledge

For the past 20 years, Centroid has been one of the leading innovators in the Oracle sphere, offering cutting-edge solutions, custom development, and knowledgeable data management services for our industry-leading customers.

Years ago, we invented one of today’s go-to solutions for data integration and Oracle Cloud acceleration (Centroid Integrator), and our deep, long-term experience with enterprise architecture and managed services mean that we’ve been working with the technologies and services behind cloud computing longer than the Oracle Cloud has existed.

There aren’t many other VARs or MSPs who can make those claims.

As you’re narrowing your options and creating a short list of tech providers to bring your business up to the cloud, you must make a decision: do you want to go for the cloud provider with years of proven experience and in-depth knowledge, or do you want someone who’s learning as they go?

With Centroid, you’ll have the in-depth knowledge to not only dive in to success, but to “dive up” to the cloud.

Let’s get this going for you.


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