Amazon Cloud Service Provider – What Are the Benefits?

The previous article in this series covered the “what” of choosing an Amazon Cloud Service Provider (CSP) using 5 critical selection criteria. This article helps you understand the “why” behind your choice for an Amazon CSP.

It is time to dive deep into the benefits of choosing an Amazon CSP.

The 3 Top Reasons to Choose an Amazon Cloud Service Provider

Any cloud consultant can help you get your AWS solution up and running, but only an Amazon Cloud Service Provider can get your AWS solution running well. This is because only an Amazon CSP has the experience necessary to turn your unique business objectives into specific AWS cloud solutions that meet your precise enterprise needs.

Amazon CSPs also offer three added benefits for your organization:

1. An Amazon Cloud Service Provider Can Help You Simplify the Cloud

Each of the cloud platforms (Amazon, Oracle, Google, and Azure) were developed independently, which means they have very different setups and very different quirks. If you are planning a complex cloud migration, such as running your Oracle Database in AWS, you have a lot of options to sort through.

While any cloud consultant can help you migrate your solutions, only an experienced Amazon CSP can quickly and easily guide you toward the right AWS model for your requirements. Instead of wasting your time learning about irrelevant cloud options, you deserve to work with a cloud solutions provider that simplifies the cloud, helping you compare details such as performance vs. costs or fully managed cloud (AWS RDS + Oracle) vs. self-managed cloud (AWS EC2 + Oracle). An Amazon CSP can also help you ensure you get the most out of AWS Oracle licensing.

2. Amazon Experts Deliver Better ROI

When you are migrating an Oracle workload to another cloud, you want to make sure you do not undercut Oracle’s robust performance. After all, you are still paying for the benefits of an Oracle solution – so you deserve to enjoy them in full. You also deserve to optimize your cloud spending, so you can experience the fastest ROI from your cloud migration.

An Amazon CSP with full cloud stack expertise can help you ensure that you derive the best raw performance and best ROI from your AWS + Oracle workload on the cloud and can also help guide you away from potential lock-in pitfalls (which can be hard to spot in cloud marketing materials).

3. Experienced Amazon CSPs Speed Your Migration Time and More

Long-term professionals perform their job functions so often and for so long that they inevitably come up with fast, repeatable systems to ensure fast, repeatable results. Amazon CSPs are no different from other professionals in that they want to perform tasks accurately and efficiently – which means your enterprise stands to derive big benefits from working with an experienced Amazon CSP.

The best CSPs develop standardized, step-by-step workflows to ensure seamless cloud transformations for their clients. They also often offer specific migration solutions (usually proprietary) that automate many parts of the migration process. Lastly, experienced Amazon Cloud Service Providers will be deeply familiar with the wide range of available AWS-developed tools and can help you leverage those tools effectively.

You Deserve a Faster, Better Cloud Migration

If you are undecided about whether you should choose an Amazon expert or just any cloud consultant to handle your Amazon Cloud + Oracle migration, simply think about the time you have to spare in running your enterprise. If you are like most CIOs or I&O leaders, you probably have very little time for delays or setbacks.

When you work with an experienced Amazon CSP, you can trust that your entire migration project will be smoother and faster than it would otherwise. This is because an Amazon CSP will act as your guide and trusted resource throughout each stage of selection, implementation, migration, support, and beyond. Why? Because only an Amazon Cloud Service Provider will understand the platform and software you are working with inside and out.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise of an Amazon CSP makes them the #1 resource to rely on to help ensure that you enjoy a smooth, well-planned cloud migration for your mission-critical workloads.

Choose Centroid – The Amazon CSP with 20 Years of Oracle Experience

Looking to migrate your Oracle workloads onto AWS? By this point, you have probably realized how complex this migration can be. Ensure that you receive the high performance you deserve — along with optimized cloud costs that make sense — when you work with the Oracle + Amazon Cloud experts at Centroid.

For more than 20 years, the team of award-winning Oracle experts at Centroid has been helping business and enterprise leaders across a wide range of industries get the most out of their mission-critical Oracle solutions. Specializing in integrations between the full technology stack, Centroid has been recognized as one of the first-ever certified Oracle Cloud MSPs / CSPs, a leading Oracle Partner for Oracle’s IaaS solution (Oracle Cloud Gen 2 Infrastructure), and the pioneering team behind the world’s largest IaaS/PaaS integration in history.


Learn more about how Centroid can help your enterprise succeed with your AWS + Oracle migration.



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