6 Oracle Cloud Advancements in 2019

Oracle Cloud is changing fast, and new innovations are released regularly to meet customer requests and today’s rapidly evolving industries. Here are just a small selection of the latest and greatest Oracle Cloud updates for 2019 – but stay tuned, because more will be coming soon.

1. Blockchain for the Supply Chain

Oracle is taking off fast with its focus on Oracle Blockchain. The company’s new business applications, built for supply chain professionals, deliver track and trace and greater transparency using Oracle’s ahead-of-the-curve blockchain technology. Oracle is betting big on their blockchain offering, and it’s already succeeding in multiple industries worldwide.

2. Machine Learning Innovations

2019’s hottest new technology is machine learning, which combines the power of AI and adaptive programming to deliver streamlined operations and functionality across all your Oracle Cloud business processes. Machine learning can help your business increase agility by homing in on emerging trends and delivering critical solutions faster.

3. Intelligent Apps

Oracle Cloud SaaS applications are evolving with intelligent technologies built to help your employees get more accomplished in less time – and with fewer time-consuming training requirements on your end. Intelligent features are built-in to Oracle Cloud applications, providing learning and interactive capabilities that extend the power of each cloud-based app.

4. Enhanced Oracle Cloud Security

Oracle Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Larry Ellison compares the cutting-edge security features in Oracle Cloud to “Star Wars-like cyber defenses, where… cyber robots find security threats and kill them.” (Yes, that’s really what he said – and that’s really what Oracle Cloud automated security does.)

In addition to having Star Wars-like defenses, Oracle Cloud stores cloud control code separately from customer code, making it impossible for your neighboring tenants on a multi-tenant architecture to pierce cloud security and break into the Oracle Cloud or your business’s cloud data.

No other cloud leader, not even Amazon or Google, offers the level of cloud security that Oracle Cloud includes automatically for its customers.

5. Digital Assistants

Like a next-generation chatbot that you can train and that also uses machine learning technologies to enhance its services, Oracle Digital Assistants offer true assistance, simply and securely. The new Digital Assistant understands context and intent, and it can automate your routine tasks to maximize productivity and improve workforce focus.

6. CloudMigrator for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

A component of the Oracle Cloud Lift & Shift Rapid Start program, CloudMigrator can get enterprises onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in less than 12 hours with only 2 minutes of user downtime. The technology enables enterprises to move any workload, Oracle or non-Oracle, to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 5 days or less.

At this time, CloudMigrator is only available from Centroid, the Oracle Cloud experts.

Take Full Advantage of the Oracle Cloud

If your organization is ready to move both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads to the Oracle Cloud, so you too can take advantage of Oracle’s unmatched security and AI capabilities, you need the right partner who can get you there.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has maintained their focus on the full stack of Oracle technologies, and they broadened their expertise into the cloud well before people were calling it “the cloud.” Since then, Centroid has spearheaded the largest Oracle Iaas/ Paas implementation to date, became one of the world’s first Oracle Cloud MSPs, and has developed market-leading Lift & Shift technologies that get enterprises onto the cloud in record time.


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