5 Ways Cloud Monitoring Can Help I&O Teams

Seasoned I&O leaders like you understand the importance of infrastructure and server monitoring, but as your enterprise migrates to the cloud, you’ll lose access to the visibility you’re used to in your legacy systems.

This is a serious problem because you’ll still be expected to maintain performance and uptime while controlling costs.

Luckily, today’s IaaS platforms, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offer in-depth cloud monitoring tools that can fill the gaps in your cloud visibility, and you also have expert cloud monitoring teams you can turn to for implementation, integration, and monitoring assistance.

Here are 5 ways cloud monitoring tools can help your I&O team enhance cloud visibility:

1. Ensure End User Satisfaction

Whether the end user is a customer on a web portal or an employee accessing your network through a browser, you want them to be able to retrieve the information they need, quickly and easily. Cloud monitoring tools help you track the end user experience, so you can identify and fix potential issues before they become a problem.

2. Enhance Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers comprehensive cloud network monitoring with VCNs (“virtual cloud networks”) that empower you to mirror your current network setup down to the tiniest, most granular details– but what if you’re not running OCI? Oracle SaaS and PaaS instances also require cloud monitoring to ensure that you can block malicious incoming traffic while following DLP best practices.

3. Keep Costs Down

Cloud scalability is great, but its close cousin, cloud sprawl, can be an absolute budgeting disaster. One of the key functions of cloud monitoring tools is to help you optimize your cloud usage and resource allocation, and to quickly identify resource-hogging shadow IT. In addition, cloud monitoring tools can integrate with automation solutions, so you can scale up or down, automatically, as needed, to seamlessly meet demand.

4. Increase Reliability

Cloud monitoring tools, just like their legacy counterparts, can help your team increase reliability and uptime by alerting you about potential issues early on. Cloud, however, goes above and beyond the capabilities of legacy infrastructure monitoring because it offers predictive capabilities and the ability to integrate machine learning algorithms for greater visibility before an event, instead of as a post mortem.

5. Maintain Your Cloud Investment

According to a recent Gartner study, “How to React to the Impact of the Cloud on IT Operations Monitoring,” 85% of organizations are putting their cloud investments at risk because they don’t have a holistic monitoring process in place. Gartner suggests this lack of cloud monitoring will put $255 billion of cloud investments in jeopardy by 2021. The best way to maximize your own cloud investment and ensure a solid ROI is to make sure you’re getting the most from it with cloud monitoring.

Get the Right Cloud Monitoring Setup When You Work with the Right Cloud Expert

There’s a wide variety of cloud monitoring tools out there, each of which serve different requirements and provide different capabilities. Navigating the cloud monitoring solutions market can be tough, especially if your team doesn’t have comprehensive cloud and cloud security expertise.

Once you choose your solutions, you’ll need an expert well versed in cloud, cloud security, and the Oracle Cloud solutions stack. That expert can implement and integrate your tools into a usable “single pane of glass” that brings together your cloud and legacy systems under a single, easy-to-use cloud monitoring umbrella.

Centroid is that expert.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has helped enterprises across a wide range of industries implement and integrate their Oracle tools for seamless operations.

Centroid has led the cutting-edge of the Oracle Cloud, driving the largest Oracle Iaas/ Paas implementation to date and creating a cloud migration tool that can move enterprise workloads to the cloud in as little as 12 hours, with only 2 minutes of user downtime. However, Centroid does more than implementations.

As one of the world’s first Oracle Cloud MSPs, Centroid helps clients manage and monitor their cloud technologies to ensure end user satisfaction, enhance security and reliability, and optimize costs for years to come.


The facts are in, and it’s clear that cloud monitoring is critical to cloud success. Learn more about the wide range of cloud monitoring options available to you.