Your Guide to Multicloud Part 6: Do You Have the 5 Key Skills for Multicloud Readiness?

Not sure if your I&O department is ready to make the leap to a multicloud environment? Scan this handy checklist to see which tasks and capabilities you already possess, versus which ones you still have yet to master for your multicloud strategy. 

When migrating to the cloud or multicloud, you know that a roadmap is critical. This short checklist will help you build your team’s roadmap to multicloud mastery. If you would like assistance in setting up any of these focus areas, please feel free to contact the multicloud cloud solutions experts at Centroid.


How to Use This Checklist

Like all processes in the tech world, there is no single right way to set up a multicloud strategy that helps you become the trusted cloud solutions provider at your enterprise. However, if you address each of these focus areas thoroughly, in the order that best suits your needs, you will be well on your way to becoming the valuable Cloud Service Brokers and Cloud Solution Facilitators at your organization.

Focus areas include: 

1. Encouraging cloud adoption and enthusiasm across the enterprise

As you know, one of the biggest obstacles to change is all those people who love the status quo. By finding allies and building a community within your enterprise of multicloud champions, you can help encourage a culture that embraces change and maintains a forward momentum for cloud transformation objectives.

The fewer end users you have to deal with who refuse to change and insist on finding time consuming, unauthorized workarounds, the fewer fires your team will have to put out in the future. 

2. Advising on how end-users can get the most out of multicloud solutions

As the “Infrastructure & Cloud” leaders for your enterprise, you will be in charge of creating and sustaining the multicloud vision for the future. 

Take the time to think of creative, cloud-based solutions to common business problems, and then find ways to facilitate those solutions by gaining buy-in from Line of Business (LOB) leaders. Once you have buy-in, link the LOB leaders directly with DevOps, so the solution can become a reality. Each successful project will help you build additional multicloud consensus within the organization.  

3. Becoming the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) at your enterprise

The Cloud Center of Excellence is a generalized term that refers to the process of building internal cloud skills and leadership within the enterprise. No one else in your company is more qualified than you to spearhead this objective. 

To lead the CCOE, you must gain the necessary multicloud skills yourself, or you can choose to hire a multicloud expert, such as a Microsoft Azure cloud service provider or a Google cloud service provider. If you would prefer to work with a single cloud managed services provider, you may want to consider working with a multicloud expert like Centroid, with experience across all the major clouds

4. Maintaining an in-depth, self-serve, up-to-date multicloud knowledgebase

Take a tip from modern cloud computing solutions providers by gently suggesting that end users search for their own answers instead of calling your team for the smallest of their computer or software worries. Today’s cloud vendors direct users to self-serve knowledgebases before offering one-on-one help, which means your end users are already habituated to the process of looking up troubleshooting procedures, best practices, and frameworks on their own to solve their minor tech issues. 

It is a smart choice to specialize your company’s knowledgebase on enterprise-specific multicloud success strategies and practices, so your knowledgebase becomes the trusted source of information, instead of the error-filled internet. 

5. Set up pre-integrations with common cloud tools and services

As part of your evolution to becoming a Cloud Services Broker (CSB) and facilitating access to appropriate cloud solutions for your end users, consider providing a curated collection of ready-to-use cloud services that you have pre-integrated with your current multicloud setup. Though it may sound like a lot of speculative integration work, this approach delivers two clear benefits to the I&O (or “I&C”) department. 

First, by suggesting specific, popular cloud solutions to solve LOB and departmental workflow bottlenecks, you will have better control over which solutions are implemented at your enterprise, which cuts down on shadow IT headaches. Second, when you have the agility to quickly implement a modern and popular cloud solution on demand (or self-serve), you can transform your department’s image from being seen as The Department That Says “No!” to The Department That Says “Yes!” 


Right now is the perfect time for you to set up your team’s multicloud roadmap, so you can start transforming the role of I&O into its next generation: the multicloud “Infrastructure & Cloud” department. Start your evolution into your next phase when you work with the highly experienced team of Azure, Oracle, Google, and AWS cloud service providers at Centroid. 

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