5 Benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS

If you’ve been keeping up with the Centroid blog, you know that we’ve been focusing a lot of attention lately on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS. In previous articles, we’ve talked at length explaining what Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is and what kinds of businesses it works well for (not who you’d think), but today it’s time for a quick and easy read about the benefits of OCI and Oracle IaaS.

Ready? On, your mark… get set… dive UP to the cloud!

1. Full Control

In the past, Infrastructure-as-a-Service required you to trust a large portion of your governance to your cloud provider, but Oracle Cloud Infrastructure returns full control to the enterprise with the ability to manage your virtualization, servers, storage, and the exact location of your data center.

2. Reliably High Performance

“Cloud computing” used to mean “convenient, but slow.” With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS, all that has changed. Oracle’s next-generation solution offers bare-metal servers that reliably provide extreme performance that fully supports real-time processing, massive datasets, and high input/output operations per second (IOPS).

3. World-Class Security

With the availability to use dedicated private network connections and a datacenter housed on your own premises, the ability to replicate your current governance methods (or improve them), and the flexibility to integrate identity access management (IAM) tools seamlessly, Oracle IaaS security can’t be beat.

4. Complete Transparency

Worried about cloud sprawl? With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enterprises can limit and contain sprawl quickly and efficiently with audit trails that track usage back to departments and help identify shadow IT. Plus, the integrated Oracle Management Cloud uses machine learning and big data to provide instant insight into both legacy and cloud resource usage, so you can act fast to control usage.

5. No Vendor Lock In

Run Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on Oracle IaaS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; use polyglot languages including Ruby, PHP, Node.JS, and Java; integrate with Docker, VMware, and other leading DevOps and IT tools; and run on Windows and Linux operating systems – all with the knowledge that you are always free to do what you wish with your data, with no vendor lock in.

In short, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS, you can:

  • Replicate your on-premises and management capabilities (or build an entirely new architecture, if you prefer)
  • Achieve the same control, isolation, security, and predictable performance as your on-premises solution (or improve these capabilities, if you prefer)
  • Run Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, so you can maximize the value of your existing IT investments (of course, you can always extend and connect your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to additional solutions, if you prefer)

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