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Simplifying the Oracle EBS Cloud Migration Process

Migrating your Oracle EBS solution to the cloud is no small or simple endeavor. A task this crucial and vital to your company’s future success requires meticulous evaluation and planning, not to mention technical skill and expertise as well as the company’s commitment of time and resources. Fortunately, Centroid is here to help simplify the […]

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Cloud Migration Made Quick and Easy with Centroid Lightning

“Cloud migration” has been the key buzzword on the tips of everyone’s tongues in the business world for years now. However, many businesses have not found it in their best interests, thus far, to have their company go through with the process. In many cases, that makes sense. However, as the business world progresses more […]

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5 Key Questions to Ask for Successful Multicloud Management

Multicloud computing delivers on the promise of seamless integration, improved insight, and more agile operations and decision-making… but these benefits come with a catch: you must have a solid multicloud management plan in place to achieve them. Ask yourself the following 5 questions to craft the right multicloud management plan for your needs. 1. What […]

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Multicloud Strategy: How to Approach Multicloud Workloads

By now, you’ve surely heard about the trailblazing Azure/Oracle integration from 2019 that allows enterprise users to access critical business capabilities across a fully shared, fully compatible workload between the two cloud platforms. The powerhouse combination delivers incredible value to nearly every mid-sized to large company on the planet because it provides real multicloud ability […]

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Hybrid Multicloud – An Overview

Are you considering leveraging a few cloud solutions for your enterprise, but aren’t sure if you want to store 100% of your data on the cloud? Welcome to your solution: the hybrid multicloud. Here at Centroid, we’ve spent years making sure to simplify the cloud for our clients, and we’ll be your guides to introduce […]

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Avoid These 6 Challenges to Multicloud Database Management

Enterprises were already making the leap en masse to the cloud before the events of 2020. Since the pandemic, we’ve all watched as cloud adoption has grown significantly. You, like many enterprise leaders right now, may be seriously considering moving your Oracle databases to the cloud as quickly as possible. If you want the most […]

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Overview of Google (GCP) Cloud Services

Looking to run your Oracle workloads on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? You can! What’s more, it turns out you can get a lot out of the deal if you choose to run Oracle on Google Cloud Platform. In this article, we will discuss some of the top benefits of running Oracle on Google Cloud, and […]

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Google Cloud Service Provider – What, Why, and How?

Google is increasing focus on Google Cloud Platform and the multicloud, and they’ve recently grown their internal team with enterprise all-stars drawn from the ranks of Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP. This recent advance, paired with Google’s unmatched machine learning and analytics capabilities, makes them a great infrastructure choice for enterprises wanting to host mission-critical Oracle […]

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Overview of Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud services run the gamut, offering world-class solutions for cloud infrastructure (IaaS), cloud platforms (PaaS) and, of course, cloud applications (SaaS). All Oracle Cloud solutions deliver seamless Oracle integration and enhanced performance. Uniquely in the industry, Oracle solutions also tend to play nicely with other multicloud solutions. However, what really makes Oracle Cloud services […]

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Searching for an Oracle Cloud Service Provider? Here’s What to Look For.

Whew! You have completed weeks of research creating your shortlist of preferred Oracle Cloud service providers for your enterprise. You have narrowed your potential selections to the leading Oracle Cloud consultants. You are now ready to make your final selection. It is extremely difficult to select the perfect Oracle Cloud service provider from among the […]

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