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Today, the question is not around whether to move to the cloud. Instead, the question is how to get there.

When you’re moving business-critical workloads to the cloud, you want to make sure you’re taking the right path, with the right cloud provider. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a drop in service, unexpected downtime, or scope creep.

There are many things to consider when you are evaluating cloud providers. Some of the more high-level considerations include:

  • Obtaining insight into the applications that increase your value
  • Having transparency with stakeholders regarding your migration plan, the anticipated downtime, and its influence on workflows
  • Securing that there are no drop-in service levels during or after the migration
  • Avoiding possible cost and time overruns throughout the migration process

Cloud Workshop

Workload assessment along with a Detailed Migration plan

Cloud Architecture

Future State OCI Architecture

Cloud Migration

One Oracle environment migration

Cloud Security

Best Practice Security and Integration or Cloud

“We liked the people; that was the key – they are open, honest, good guys to work with – Felt like we were getting straight answers from them rather then others who don’t really answer your questions.”

Grant Bischoff, Overstock

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