Webinar: Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Integration Cloud Services


Wednesday Sept 12, 2018 11:00 am (CST) / 9:00 am (PST). 90 Minutes


Centroid Webinar: Identifying All Your Data before Cloud Migration

When: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 11:00 am (EDT)


Centroid Webinar: Oracle's Virtualization - Rules of Engagement

There still remains some uncertainty when running VMware in an Oracle environment. Join Centroid’s VMware License Practitioners as we cover what you need to know about licensing Oracle on VMware while ensuring compliance and managing costs.

When:  Thursday, August 9th@ 11:00 am EDT


Oracle Cloud Simplified

Gain deep insight into the Oracle Cloud and its unique PaaS & IaaS capabilities, and watch demonstrations of common cloud deployment use cases in this webinar presented by Ajay Arora, Managing Partner at Centroid.

Oracle ULA Use Case and Practical Insight


Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreements) can offer many real benefits, but need to be closely managed if you are to derive key, maximum benefits from them. Whether you are renewing, entering or exiting an Oracle ULA, Centroid customers will be able to optimize the full Oracle estate during its term and track all license deployments to avoid surprises upon expiration. Centroid will ensure that you know where you stand when the spotlight is on you!

Oracles Virtualization - Rules of Engagement


Is your organization dealing with concerns relating to your Virtual Machines, Clusters, D/R or Storage? Are you aware of and can you fully navigate your Oracle Virtualization and the Rules of Engagement? In this webinar, Oracle Virtualization Expert, Harold Halpern takes an in-depth look at these areas and key questions you should be asking.

Oracle Hyperion: Accelerate Your Way to a Monthly Close Cycle Nirvana


Today, many companies are still struggling with long financial consolidation and reporting cycles that hinder corporate decision-making abilities. Furthermore, even in today's market, some are completing the entire closing and reporting cycle in fewer than five business days, and are able to publish financial results ahead of their competitors, without over-burdening staff. This guided webinar will help you through these complexities to achieve such successes, plus much more!

Oracle License Procurement: The Do's and Don'ts to Your Core Purchasing Success


The general process of buying Oracle Licenses is not as straightforward as one would think. The result is many organizations are unfortunately baffled by the complexities and most times do not fully understand the "Do's and Don'ts" around purchasing the right licenses at the right place, the right time and finally for the right purpose. This guided webinar will help you through these complexities and much more!

Oracle Licensing Rules...Do You Know How to Leverage Them?


Did you know that as many as 90% of Oracle customers may have some sort of software compliance issues? Even customers with Enterprise or Unlimited License Agreements (ULA) can find themselves in the 90% category. Don't get caught off guard having to pay big dollars due to being non-compliant in today's ever-changing business environment. Organizations that are unprepared can ultimately cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!

IT Optimization: Roadmap to Your Oracle Assets and Cost Reduction


Most companies are not currently realizing the value of their Oracle Investment. Controlling your Oracle spend is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. iQSonar provides a detailed and accurate view of your Oracle Estate. Centroid has a proven process to help optimize Oracle deployment and right size your Oracle spend.