Oracle Security and OID


Centroid understands the importance of securing your enterprise. We have delivered the industry's highest level of technology to safeguard data at the source - the database. Centroid offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats and enable regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases. We utilize the best-in-class and most powerful preventative detection security controls for our customer’s database that includes:

  • Database activity monitoring and blocking
  • Privileged user and multifactor access control
  • Data classification and discovery
  • Transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting
  • Secure configuration management and data masking

Our comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions ensures data privacy, protects against insider threats and enables regulatory compliance. Our team of experts works to ensure that our customers can deploy reliable data security solutions that require no changes to existing applications that ultimately save time and money.

Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Oracle Internet Directory is primarily a preferred enterprise directory for customers using Oracle and Oracle-based applications and enables customers to obtain a rich set of directory services for E-Business applications, such as portals, e-commerce sites and business-to-business online exchanges. It serves as the central user repository for OIM, a component of Fusion Middleware and is a compliant directory storage that is extremely scalable, highly available and secure.

A key benefit of OID is that customers can manage the activities of tens of thousands of employees, their own customers and suppliers easily by using a single directory.

Centroid can assist you in simplifying user administration in the Oracle environment and providing a standards-based application directory for the heterogeneous enterprise.