From the Centroid Blog
July 14th, 2014
Written by Loretta Wagner
 Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance is an engineered system that radically simplifies the way customers install, deploy and manage converged infrastructures for any Linux, Oracle Solaris or Microsoft Windows application. Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is an easy-to-acquire, easy-to-deploy, “turnkey” solution that integrates compute, network and storage resources in a software-defined fabric to enable agile and efficient data center deployments.Centroid started with a single focus on...
June 21st, 2014
Written by Rebecca Portela
The road to R12 is inevitable. While some organizations have already made this transition, others have delayed or been more cautious with the move to upgrade. Many have opted to wait for Fusion and for others the reasons for delaying their Oracle upgrades are primarily due to assumed high costs and the potential disruptions from extensive structural changes that entail more efforts than earlier upgrades. Many customers have concerns regarding their readiness to upgrade to R12 such as:...
June 20th, 2014
Written by Paresh Patel
Traditional analytics focus on data once a transaction has occurred. E-Business Suite Extensions for Endeca (EEE) allow users to make decisions before transactions occur, providing a pro-active analytical view of live data.   EEE provide selected EBS applications with Oracle Endeca-based capabilities. These extensions allow users to take an information-driven approach to business, optimizing operational decisions and improving process efficiency.   Each extension provides an...