Oracle R12 Upgrade Automated Solution

Centroid’s Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Upgrade Tool “Athena” is the most complete and only 360° Oracle R12 upgrade solution in the marketplace. Other upgrade tools and solutions focus on partial key areas of an upgrade. Our product, Athena, is the only solution that focuses on all the areas of an R12 upgrade and removes the additional risk by assessing all the components.
Athena identifies the major technical, infrastructure and business functions impacted by an R12 upgrade. With a 360-degree view of the impacts, you are able to plan your upgrade with complete confidence.
Key Benefits:
  • Lowers your upgrade risk
  • Shortens your project timeline
  • 360° view of enterprise impacts
  • Provides a baseline upgrade project plan
  • Free assessment
Key Features:
  • Utlilizes Oracle's point release changes as Metadata
  • Catalogues all of the enterprise customizations
  • Shows complete impacts and how to correct
  • Identifies code impacts at a detail level
  • Spans the AOL, DB and O/S level

How it works:

Athena is built on Oracle technology and is non-invasive architecture that works out of the box. Centroid's Athena performs an automated analysis on the entire R12 environment. A complete R12 upgrade solution tool, Athena enables your Oracle project team to make informed decisions about their Oracle environment and build the right R12 strategy.


Centroid is specialized in Oracle E-Business Suite and is an Oracle Platinum Partner. Our Athena was built using only the best Oracle Certified Professionals in the industry who have focused their career on implementing and upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite and technologies.

• Application object library
   - Concurrent programs
   - Menus
   - Personalizations
   - Responsibilities
• Database objects
   - Workflows
   - Packages, functions, procedures, triggers, views and etc.
• O/S objects
   - Forms, reports, SQL
• Data profiling
   - Workflows
• Application versions and levels
• Baseline patching requirements
• Database sizing
   - Memory, parameters, growth
• Infrastructure review
   - Servers, storage, network
• Upgrade impact on key processes
   - Review process areas impacted by upgrade and utilization of those process areas
• Transaction profiling across business functions
   - Determine how the system and custom processes are used with the standard flow
• Testing scripts / training materials for key process changes